How to Remove Metadata

Avoid sharing too much with the world by removing metadata from files before you send them or post them online.

Many files can reveal your full name, location, and other information. Protect your privacy and safety by removing metadata from any files before sharing them.

When you remove metadata from your files by using the file upload form below, not only makes your file safe to share, but will also tell you how many potentially private items of metadata we removed.

Upload a file to remove metadata! currently supports removing metdata from image and video files. Support for additional types of files is coming soon!

Metadata, EXIF, GPS, and more

Some metadata can be harmless. Most image files will have metadata about the resolution or DPI of the image, color space, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. They may also contain information about the camera and lens used to take the picture.

That doesn't sound too scary, but when you add in things like the camera serial number, someone could find every picture ever taken with that camera. This would let someone link an otherwise anonymous picture with photos shared on your personal website or Facebook account.

Going further than that phones and cameras with GPS will record the exact location the photo was taken. This can make it easy for people to find where you live or where you are staying as you travel.

Not all metadata is a privacy or security risk, but some of it absolutely can be a real problem. It's best to be safe, and delete metadata from any file you plan on posting, emailing, texting, or sharing.