Remove Metadata Privacy Policy

The whole purpose of this website is to help protect your privacy by removing metadata from your files.

So we work to protect your privacy as much as possible.

We do run ads, to help support the costs of running this free metadata removal service. Those ads are served and managed by a third party.

We also use Google Analytics and New Relic to help us understand how people find the site, use the site, how the site performs, and what errors happen on the site. All of this is only used to improve the website.

Your files are uploaded over a secure encrypted channel using the latest HTTPS/SSL/TLS encryption. Your files are encrypted in storage. They are decrypted only long enough to process in a secure isolated serverless environment, removing metadata from the file, before the new clean file is saved in encrypted storage once again. The clean and safe file is avialble for download over the same secure HTTPS protocol as your upload used. After 24 hours files in encrypted storage are deleted.