Frequently Asked Questions

1. Metadata

Metadata is data that defines, or describes, other data. However for mostly people the important Metadata is information that is attached to files. It isn't part of the image or video (or other file), but it is attached to the file.

For example a picture you took on your phone might have Metadata that includes your phone model, information about the photo such as aperture, exposure, and shutter speed, as well as things like your name and the exact location you took the photo.

Many types of files can have Metadata. Pictures and Videos usually have lots of Metadata. Word and Excel documents contain Metadata. PDFs can have Metadata.

Metadata can be a privacy nightmare! If you aren't careful, by uploading or sending a photo or video online you can give away your real name, your location or address, and more personal information.

Whether you are texting a photo to a new friend, or a content creator, you should protect your privacy and your safety by ensuring you aren't inadvertently handing over your name and location to strangers.

Metadata can also be a problem in the business world, where Word, Excel, or PDF documents can carry over old business names, client names, ex-employee names, computer network names, and more. I've gotten plenty of contracts and NDAs where the Metadata showed the contract had been stolen from another company, or gave away the name of another client, or even more unprofessional and embarassing things.

2. Functionality allows you to easily upload a photo or video file, and then download a clean version that has had all of the Metadata removed.

You can upload almost any type of photo or video file, and more file types will be supported soon. Right now the biggest file you can upload is 500 MB.

We don't change, or transcode, your files. No quality is lost. We just remove the Metadata from the file.

Use the Choose File button on the front page of and select the file you want to remove the metadata from. Then click Upload. You will see your file being uploaded, processed, and then ready for you to download a clean version, without any Metadata exposing your personal information and violating your privacy. It should only take a few seconds.

We take your privacy and security very seriously!

Your files are encrypted during upload and download, using top of the line TLS SSL encryption, the same used by your bank.

Youre files are also fully encrypted in storage in our systems. They are also automatically deleted after 24 hours (so you have plenty of time to download them).

A Premium plan will be launched soon which will allow for larger files, processing many files at once, and additional file types.